Net Weight 3,040kg

Lateral Outreach (max.) 12.00m

Working Height 23.00m

Safe Load on Cage (max.) 200kg

Width / Height of Traveling Position without Cage 0.78m w x 2.00m h

Climbing Ability 31%

180 degree cage rotation for ease of movement while elevated

Supplied with 400mm square nylon spreader pads to assist safe setup

Minimal point loadings, ideal for fragile floors - we can also supply larger spreader pads if needed

Diesel engine for working externally

Light weight - only 3,040kg - ideal for craning into position

110v mains power for working internally - will require optional cable, & transformer for 240v supply

Non-marking tracks for delicate floor surfaces - we can also provide floor protection

Standard two man basket

Available to hire with experienced IPAF operators

180 degree cage rotation for ease of working while elevated

Auto levelling for easy, safe setup

Unrivalled up and over outreach - 12m

One control box for driving or use in the basket - radio connection for safe driving on the ground

Dual drive speed on tracks

Only 780mm travelling width - will fit through a single door (with cage removed)

Four outrigger positions for ease of setup - hydraulically controlled from radio remote